Our Philosophy

At Southbound Adventures, we believe outdoor education is a truly remarkable experience and each time our team witness students learning and growing in confidence, through the activities we provide, re-affirms to us the significance this experience will have upon their lives.

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Our own philosophy is to, through a variety of adventure activities, encourage all students to develop a knowledge and acceptance of their own strengths and weaknesses and that of the participating group.

Students will be challenged by the uncertainty of the unknown, will be reliant upon the trust of others and will experience learning in an outdoor setting. All of which will help them grow in confidence, inner resources and personal strength. The philosophy of education and adventure Success in our programs is determined not by accomplishment, but by the willingness to try and the personal discovery that accompanies it.” Ian Robinson, co-founder and Managing Director.

Southbound Adventures is an organisation committed to providing high quality experiential opportunities for personal growth and development. We seek to provide a stimulating environment in which to grow individually and interpersonally through personal achievement and shared experience. Southbound Adventures is about learning to understand the limits that we have set for ourselves and learning to take responsibility for ourselves. At Southbound Adventures we adopt the Positive Education method to ensure students are learning to their maximum potential whilst at camp. Outdoor Adventure is also about:

* Change - and the risk that accompanies it

* Growth - discovery and the empowerment that comes with finding inner resources of personal strength through a determination to accept challenges

* Fun - people coming together from many backgrounds, putting aside barriers and limitations to join together in cooperation, support, and enjoyment

But mostly we are about a way of living - vigorous, experiential, ‘give it all you've got’ living, where success is an attitude, obstacles are challenges, and every day is an opportunity for yet another great adventure!