The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Southbound Adventures offers expeditions that meet the requirements for the Adventurous Journey section for each level of The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award.

As a Registered Activity Provider, we provide tailored canoe, hike and mountain bike expeditions. We pride ourselves in facilitating a fun and supportive learning environment to empower individuals and prepare young people for life. From Myall Lakes to Tasmania, we are licensed to operate in more than 20 National Parks. With access to a wide range of environments, we can match the best site and activities to your program. This allows us to provide a sequential program with an increased level of challenge at each area. Our Tasmania expeditions hiking the Overland Track are a popular peak challenge experience.

School organised expeditions: Our inspiring programs engage and develop your students as they progress through the Award. Available to Award Leaders organising AJs for a group of participants. A representative from the school (optional) is included free of charge for each expedition group.

'Open' expeditions: Spaces available for registered participants completing the Award though an Open Award Centre or who have missed their school expedition. All participants wishing to book on an open expedition MUST have prior approval from their Award Leader. Visit the links below for availability.

Open Expeditions Bookings

To book your Open Duke of Edinburgh expedition with Southbound Adventures, choose from the program dates below.

Open Duke Of Edinburgh Awards - Southbound Adventures - Canoeing Expeditions

Canoeing Expeditions

Open Duke Of Edinburgh Awards - Southbound Adventures - Hiking Expeditions

Hiking Expeditions

For more information please call us on 4257 4888 or email Alternatively send us an enquiry now so that we can assist you in creating an amazing experience for your students.

The Adventurous Journey (AJ) section encourages a sense of adventure and discovery whilst undertaking a team journey or expedition. More than any other section of the Award, the AJ is about teamwork and social connection. The Award promotes the development of well-rounded young people, including teamwork, self-reliance, determination and cooperation through non-formal education that takes place outside of the classroom.

Southbound Adventures teach students the skills necessary to undertake their expeditions to a point where they can plan and complete a journey entirely on their own, while under the supervision of Southbound Adventures’ field team. At each level of the Award – Bronze, Silver and Gold - participants are expected to increase their ownership of the Adventurous Journey between the Practice and Qualifying Journeys. The field team will provide continuous feedback during the journey, making constructive comment on each participant’s progress. Southbound Adventures’ field team will also be responsible for risk management for all journeys.